The Journey Begins
Surprise presents from my fiance are the best :D

Surprise presents from my fiance are the best :D

Comic-Con for the Writing Nerd: A Midwest Writers Workshop Experience



It’s that time of year again, where everyone who is any one gathers in force in San Diego for the Comic-Con to beat all Cons. There are panels and celebrities and interviews and cosplay, a play ground landscape that could fuel even the nerdiest wet dream. Now dial this back a bit, swap tenth doctor and deadpool cosplays for business casual slacks and dress shirts, instead of celebrities there are authors and agents, and everywhere you look are writers. This, my writer comrades, is the beauty of a writers conference.

Last weekend, I was part of an intense three day writing conference at the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie Indiana. This was my first writers conference experience, and going in I really didn’t know what to expect. From 8 in the morning to past 8 at night, myself and a little over two hundred other writers got together and experienced something that was for writers, by writers, about writing and it was exhilarating, inspiring, and exhausting. Last year when I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, I said that it made me really feel like a writer for the first time, despite going for a four year degree in creative writing. Suddenly I was generating fiction and it was amazing. When I walked out of the MWW14, I didn’t just feel like a writer, but like a professional writer. It was no longer a question of if I would get published, but when. To quote Kyle Newbridge, a friend who also attended MWW14, “I actually feel like a writer now, instead of just a kid trying to throw words at paper in a pretty way”.

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I Just Couldn’t Get Through It – July

When I was younger I used to think I had to read every book I picked up from beginning to end. Even now I have this urge to push through a novel, no matter how much I dislike it or not. But with a “to read list” that reaches into the hundreds, I had to admit, if I didn’t like it I should just stop. However, since I don’t review books that I don’t finish, that left me with the conundrum. How could I let my readers know? This monthly post is going to be my answer to that question. I will list any books I Just Couldn’t Finish and tell why this was. It isn’t exactly a review, but it’s better than giving a book a 0/5 when I didn’t actually finish it.

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Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody - Book Review

Elspeth Gordie wishes nothing more than to fit in. But that is hard to do when she harbors a secret that would surely mean her death. She is a Misfit, born with special mental abilities. To be found so is to be hated and feared by the Herders and Councilmen who rule. She has already lived through the burning of her parents, the only thing she can do is hide the best she can. But in one careless moment all of her carefulness is dashed to nothing. She is spotted for what she is and exiled to the dreaded Obernewtyn, a mountain manor where Misfits are brought to and never seen again. Even with her abilities Elspeth finds herself out of her depth. All is not as it seems on Obernewtyn. Someone is keeping secrets and it suddenly seems like it may be her destiny to find out what they are.

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Park likes to blend in. He’s weird enough without anything else adding to it. So of course it couldn’t get any worse when the weird new girl sits next to him on the bus. She’s loud, in appearance if not in words. Between her bright red impossibly curly hair, her eclectic clothing, and abundant curves, it’s hard not to notice her. Park doesn’t want any of this. Not the notice he gets from her sitting next to him, or the feelings he gets when he can’t stop thinking about her.

Eleanor only wants to lay low, to make it through the hell they call high school and the even worse hell she calls home. She didn’t think that the weird angry Asian kid she sat next to on the bus would become the one thing that would get her through each day.

Can something hold together that seemed impossible from the start? Neither of them know, but they have to try.

If there is one thing the Shadowhunters have always depended on, it was knowing who was the enemy. But as Sebastian Morgenstern wields the infernal cup, swelling his ranks with Endarkened warriors, the Nephilim must face their own in a war that is threatening to drag them under. Darkness is falling and Clary and her friends might have to go to hell and back to make things right. 

Madeleine Rose Russell has never been one to sit back and let fate do it’s work. If her sister Bryony can go undercover as the hired help in order to reveal the person responsible for the fall of House Russel and the murder of their father, then so can Maddie. And anyway, all the help Bryony had been absconding off with one of the suspects on an illicit elopement and leaving behind only a cryptic note not much more informative than their father’s own last few words. Maddie can definitely do better than that. So what if her new employer happens to be a devilishly handsome half-gypsy pirate who she can’t seem to keep herself away from. It’s nothing she can’t handle. Or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. 

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD* *DO NOT proceed if you have not read Never Kiss a Rake* 

*Minor spoilers for Never Trust a Pirate* *TRIGGER WARNING: contains discussion of physical abuse, assault, rape, and other sexual themes* 

A little over a year ago we met and decided to go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff together on an absolute whim, hardly knowing each other and yet still committing to a three day weekend adventure on our own (because Doctor Who that’s why!!!). This of course was the beginning of something absolutely awesome, and we decided the best way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary was to revisit the place that started it all (a good excuse as any to re-visit the Doctor Who Experience!) It turned out to be one of the most amazing days of my life when my boyfriend got down on one knee right there on 10’s TARDIS console, where David Tennet filmed recently, and asked me to marry him. Oh, and did I mention he gave me the ring on River Song’s sonic and that the ring itself looks like the TARDIS. I think we’ve surpassed more levels of gnork (geek+nerd+dork) than even I anticipated ^.^

Off to England tomorrow!

Two weeks to visit old friends and live it up with the love of my life. I’m very excited and a little nervous :)

Never Kiss a Rake by Anne Stuart


Bryony Russel’s life has come crashing down around her ears. Her family is disgraced and her father is dead. She and her three sisters have no money and everything looks bleak. That is until Bryony comes across a secret note, written by her father just before he died. Suddenly his accidental death doesn’t seem like so much an accident. In light of this new knowledge Byrony is convinced her father was not guilty of the crimes he was accused of and that the man who was, would be behind her father’s death. Armed with only her own wits and intelligence Byrony decides to go undercover as a housekeeper in order to infiltrate the house of the man who called himself her father’s business partner, Lord Kilmartyn, a devilish Irish born rake who has been left suspiciously unscathed in her father’s financial downfall. She is determined to prove the guilt of Kilmartyn, though whether for her father’s murder and her family downfall, or another dark secret entirely, she isn’t sure. But something is going on in the Kilmartyn house, and Bryony is determined to find it all out, and soon before the strange emotions that she feels whenever she sees Lord Kilmartyn overwhelm her. 

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