The Journey Begins

it’s so hard to keep going after the 1k word goal. i just feel like, ‘ok, daily goal done!’. no alissa…bad alissa….finish the freaking book  (no comment on the fact that i used to struggle to get a page a week and now i feel bad if i don’t write at least 20 pages a week…oh how far i’ve come).

a moment

There are so many things I’ve always taken for granted. The million little moments in between the action of life is when you really live I think. These moments are so small, we forget them almost instantly. But they stay with us. They come back again and again in the inhalation of a breath. Newly clipped grass, the whir of a fan in the heat of summer darkness, they way it mixes with the sounds of insects calling and the way their little bodies beat against the lights on lampposts. It’s in the silence of that moment, when the wind whispers a breath along your skin, and you can feel the rain coming soon. You listen lying in a tangle of covers to the pit pat drop splash of the first beginnings of rain and you never forget. You think you do, but it is always there. And when you hear it again it comes back like the very first time.

Little silent moments making up our lives and we don’t even know it. The inhalation of cut wood and the smile you catch from your grandfather, the way spring crept out of the ground and thawed the earth and your heart until wet dirt was more than aromatherapy, the feeling of your skin against his, the way it sounds when he runs a hand up your side, the delicious tingle. All these little things are locked in your mind waiting to spring forward when we stop a moment and take it all in. Anyone can scoff about the figure of speech to stop and smell the roses or the coffee or what you will. But it’s all about what you remember. And you might have the best pictures of your trip to the coast or the college years you lived so well. But you will always remember rain in summer, the sound of a fan in the dark, and your skin rubbing next to his in the dark.

Hey look!

It’s April and I have posted far too little about my writing!

So here’s a lovely writing update.

So here it is. I’ve decided to do Camp NaNoWriMo. What’s that you say? Well, it’s something I only recently came into the know about (and by recently I mean 11pm March 31st). Camp NaNoWriMo is a mini, less intense, version of what all goes on in November.

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The Book of the Maidservant by Rebecca Barnhouse - Book Review

I rate this novel 4/5 stars

Johanna is just a maidservant living in the house of Dame Margery Kemp, a woman who loudly proclaims her faith and pious nature to any and all. Beside her Johanna is nothing save someone to order around. But her life get’s turned upside down when Dame Margery decides she wants to go on a pilgrimage to Rome, and that Johanna must accompany her. Suddenly Johanna is faced with foreign lands, a man with a devil inside him for a traveling companion, and a mistress who might not be as good as she likes to think. Johanna starts to wonder if she will survive this journey, and if she does, how in the world will she ever get home?

Based on The Book of Margrey Kemp,the first autobiographical English text written in the 15th century, Barnhouse takes what was once just the story of a very high and mighty pilgrim and turns it into the story of her maidservant that is often mentioned throughout the journey. Barnhouse gives Johanna life, taking historical fact and filling in the blanks.

I have to say I quite liked this little book. It was interesting, and though it was a novel, it still had quite a bit of reality to the description of the life and times of someone traveling by foot all that way. Johanna as a character was a little bit mousy and timid, but she finds her own in the end and I liked the development of her character. 

Barnhouse states in the back of the book that there is no real way to ever know exactly what happened to Johanna, but I think this story is a nice way to give that maidservant more than she probably ever imagined. True this Johanna is a fictional character, but sometime, somewhere a girl like her was traveling over mountains and trying to survive and I find that very interesting.

I recommend this book as a good read for any interested in historical fiction or medieval times.


and because of working as an Assistant Librarian I got a 3 day professional pass for a reduced price!

novel update

Made it to 301 pages exactly!!! 103,557 words now and I can see the end! It is in sight! The next time I post about it I will be done!!!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - Book Review

Cath is a fan. More importantly she is a Simon Snow fan. But who isn’t in love with that magical world? However Cath is more than just the passing fanatic. Simon Snow is her life. She reads and re-reads the books. She has loads of internet friends met at Simon Snow forums and chat sites. She herself is a fanfiction writer of Simon and Baz fics, and her writing is so good she is known the world over among fic readers. However things are changing. She and her twin sister Wren are off to college and unlike Cath, Wren is no longer interested in the enclosed fan life she used to lead or the sister she once was so close to. Wren wants space. So while Cath struggles to adjust, dealing with a scary roommate and said roommates always there, always happy boyfriend, Wren is out getting drunk. Worst yet, the Simon Snow series is coming to an end, the last book due out at the end of the year. Can Cath survive college until then? And if she does, what about life after Simon Snow?

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The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale - Book Review

I rate this novel 5/5!

Mormon housewife Becky Jack has been lucky a lot in her life. She has a happy loving family, a husband she can’t get enough of even after years and years of marriage, and three beautiful children and another on the way. But when she meets her number one heart throb actor, Felix Callahan, while selling her first screenplay (a fluke event in itself), she has to wonder where the line between coincidence and fate is drawn, and not for the reasons anyone would think.

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Mental Spring Cleaning
Inexcusable by Chris Lynch - Book Review

Keir Sarafian is a good guy. At least that’s what he believes of himself. But as the reader follows his first person narration leading up to a life altering event, it becomes clear that everything is not as he would like it to seem. He describes over and over again the things he finds ‘inexcusable’, but can never see that what he does is the most inexcusable thing of all.

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